top 5 times when life hits different

As of late and during this irregular time of quarantine, I have been watching a lot of TikTok. As a 28-year-old chap, I thought I would never mess around with TikTok, but damn, here I am writing about a TikTok trend I’ve seen as of late. Let’s hop right into the top 5 times when life just slaps differently with absolutely no worries in the world. (According to a 28 year old idiot.)

Pregame shower beer with the music blastin’

I don’t drink anymore, but bygolly when you’re chillin’ in a warm shower about to go out with the boys life is just the best, no cap. Not a single disturbance in the world and you genuinely feel excited for the night. This shower adventure especially slaps when you live with the boys and everyone is just vibing and laughing as we get ready to smash a few shoeys throughout the night.

Night swimming in the summer

Self explanatory. Warm nights, good vibes, and usually tons of good food and friends around the backyard. Summer just stays unbeaten, like for real. Nothing slaps harder than an intense game of pool basketball, the background music playing some absolute summer bangers (mgmt-kids), chomping down some of dad’s homecooked BBQ, and then hitting the hottub for some decompressing time as the night goes on. If you have experienced this night, then you know what’s up. Time just hits different on those warm summer nights. Bonus points for sleeping outside.

Winning an important sporting event with da squad

For me, sports are absolutely the best. As a former athlete, winning a big game was the highest rush I could imagine and still makes me hype just reminiscing about the good ol’ days. It’s like a drug when you win. Your adrenaline is pumping, everyone is hyping you up, and life is just slapping at ultimate capacity. I sit back in my little chair and think about these few experiences I have witnessed and all of my experiences bring a full smile to my face.

Winning a battle royale video game

When that game winning screen hits you and the boys its genuinely harder to not yell then to provide a sceech of pure joy. Lately, I have been grinding WarZone and have only caught one dub throughout the process, but that one dub is what fuels me to play the game. The rush of clutching up for your squad is an experience that just stops time. With the game winding down, you can’t feel, you can’t think, all you feel is your sweaty ass hands and the copious amount of caffeine in your bloodstream, but all that is on your mind is that damn sniper glint coming from 320 North on the map. Great times with the boys.

Finally kissing your crush

Well, there is nothing more beautiful than two human beings on the same wave-length of life and just vibing. When you kiss a girl you actually like, life just stops and you can’t even think clearly. You lose your words and when you stop kissing, you just look at each other with a smile on your face and nothing to say. Truly is a beautiful moment.

Hugging your mom and her you love her

I know this is six but ya know, this one trumps them all. I almost forgot about this classic time stopping experience, but nothing can make me happier than hugging my mom. Moms are the greatest human beings to walk the earth and they deserve so much more aknolwdgement than what they get. Love ya mom.

Honorable metions:
friend showing you a new song you vibe with
last day of school
first time drinking or smoking weed
watching fireworks on fourth of july
christmas morning
car rides and bomb playlists
munching mexican food
juul in the morning
truth or dare

Well, there ya go. Times when life just stops and feels complete.. Let me know what I missed.

M. Kurtz

Published by mattkurty

BS Psychology SUDC

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