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** flashback to when times were cool** (Feb 2018)

On the magnificent day of the SuperBowl in 2018, I recall the impression sports have played in my individual life. I understand this may sound cheesy, but sports have truly been an integral aspect of molding me into who I am today. Sports have taught me leadership, compassion, competitiveness, love, desire, hard work, and a few funny stories along the way.

I want to tell a lil baseball story. I was around 12 years old and was playing for Pat Cassel on a really good travel baseball team. Believe me, we were a dope freaking squad, and I was playing center field for the team. I was our anchor; I was our “Mr. October.” Just playin’, but anyway, the right fielder’s name was Nick. Nick was a homie, but was not the soundest baseball player by any means. If you know anything about the beautiful game of bèisbòl, you know the worst little league player plays right field. It’s a FIRM fact. Continuing, with two outs in the inning, I remember my dude Nick going to coach Pat and saying, “Coach! I have to use the restroom!” In center-field, I didn’t think much of it at the time, but as the inning continued with two outs I worried about my right fielder shitting his pants. As the inning continued, I remember Terp asking coaching Pat to use the restroom a few more times, but Pat continued to say that we have two outs, just wait it out, we will get out of this. Well, the enemies rally caps worked. The freaking opposing team went on an epic two-out rally and poor Nick Terp was nevertheless stuck in the outfield just dookying in his drawers. Poor fella. We got an out and finally ended the inning. Terp and I came into our team huddle.

Now the story gets dirty. Before the huddle, while running into the dugout after our third out, I noticed Nick had greenish-brown actual feces squirting down the back of his baseball pants. If you know anything about grey baseball pants, then you know how unforgiving they surely are. You could see the watery, oily dookie. Honestly, I pride myself on not getting grossed out, but this took the cake. The sight was just wholly nasty. The brown, slimy crap was all the way down his pant legs. As I saw this, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to embarrass the poor man. Funny enough, I remember the dude ran with his legs kind of spread like a cowboy, so I thought it was obvious to everyone. To add to the awkward embarrassment the guy must have already felt, upon the squad’s arrival to the inter-inning team huddle, I remember specifically one kid exclaiming, “What smells like shit?” As a team, we all laughed, and jokingly said someone must have to shit their pants during the game. Personally, I knew I was the only soul who knew that the shit actually happened so I strived to not laugh to add to the embarrassment felt by my clutch right fielder, but the smell and joke were simply too good to keep my immature mind silenced. I laughed. Shortly after, I saw Nick leave in his cowboy stance with his pops. The dude just left mid-game. To this day, I am not sure he even told the coach he was bouncing. What a quitter, I would have pushed through the poopy pants and finished the game. Totally joking. I don’t mess with poop. In the dugout, the squad took notice of Nick’s absence and started to ask where the dude was. I just gave an honest response, “My guy really shit his pants and took off.” I just remember the dugout smelled the rest of the game. Funny story that makes me respect what we put ourselves through for sports. One love fam.

Truthfully, Sports are just cool my man. I vigorously love them and dig the vibe. All sports contain the capacity to make me feel emotion, love, and exhilaration among many other emotions. I am truly thankful for the many opportunities and outrageous stories sports have brought me in my life.

peep mike

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

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